The Piantala initiative! colors the Municipal Villa

29 Oct 2020 | Iniziative

A few days after the inauguration and reopening of the Municipal Villa,we asked the citizens of Santa Ninfa to take part inthe Piantala! initiative, which was a real success.

The original initiative was to bring to the Villa its own plant to color and enrich the splendid local flora already present. The Santaninfari had the opportunity to donate a small part of themselves to this beautiful place, somehow leaving their own personal touch.

The Piantala! initiative not only has it increased the spirit of collective participation of the town, but it has also allowed to leave a green footprint in the Villa, in the name of enhancement, protection and respect for the environment. The citizens welcomed this idea with great enthusiasm, promptly taking action to bring their plants to the Municipal Villa. In a few days the seedlings of the participants in the initiative reached a sensational number: as many as 100 donated plants!

To welcome the citizens to the Villa for this initiative were the local cultural and sports Associations that are part of the VillaLab project. The volunteers welcomed visitors by sporting a fantastic t-shirt dedicated to the project,which they then gave to each participant as a souvenir of the event.

Soon a space will be created to contain and welcome all the magnificent plants donated by the Santa Ninfa’s citizens.. To enrich them there will be special palina, which will serve to catalog and label each plant, and will also provide all the useful information about the donated species. The name of the person or family who brought it will also appear near each seedling, so that everyone can easily recognize their own. Every citizen will be able to see their plant grow every time they make a jump to the Municipal Villa and rediscover the beauty of the greenery that surrounds them.

See photos of the beautiful plants donated by the Santa Ninfa’s citizens!