VillaLab adds its personal touch to the Villa!

5 Nov 2020 | Novità

VillaLab continues to take care of the Santa Ninfa’s Municipal Villa di Santa Ninfa, thinking about every detail, because even the smallest ones can make a difference.

To begin with, at the entrance of the Villa you can immediately notice a plaque with the name of the project, which welcomes the citizens by welcoming them. Here, together with the logos of the Municipality of Santa Ninfa and the Angelo Pirrello Foundation, oare also indicated the opening hours that the Villa will follow both in the winter (09:00 – 18:00) and in the summer (08:00 – 20:00).

To present the project and the new look of the Villa we have inserted useful wooden boards. One of these explains to visitors what the VillaLab project is and how it was realized, also offering an overview of the place through a colorful map containing all the points of interest. Other boards, on the other hand, contain the regulations on the most appropriate behavior to keep in the Villa, always at hand for those who want to consult them. All this will allow us to protect the greenery that surrounds us and respect the great readjustment work carried out by the artisans.

Another novelty is the insertion of a special wooden signage, useful to provide indications on the various spaces present. Decorated by hand, with its simplicity, this signage gives the Villa a precious handcrafted touch,which recalls the authenticity and tradition of the place.

In order to raise visitors’ awareness of the importance of environmental protection, a separate collection point could certainly not be missing. There are four wooden bins, each dedicated to collecting a different type of waste: undifferentiated, glass, plastic and paper. To supervise the collection there is the old good Ficus of the Villa, ready to thank the citizens for the good deeds that protect the land in which he grew up.

The Santa Ninfa’s Municipal Villa is now ready to rediscover this magical territory and build new unforgettable memories, and you?